Jamaican wedding for twoFor those who con­sider elop­ing, often the main thing hold­ing them back is the fear of hurt feel­ings from their fam­ily and friends. Even if it’s the best choice for you as a cou­ple, those clos­est to you may have a hard time under­stand­ing why you don’t want them present for your nuptials.

Today we’re shar­ing a few tips for approach­ing the topic and han­dling an elope­ment the right way.

1. Don’t Sur­prise Your Clos­est Friends & Family

An elope­ment announce­ment is not some­thing that you should sur­prise your par­ents and best friends with. This will only cause them to imme­di­ately jump to anger and hurt feel­ings because they were left out of the loop. Instead, explain your plans to imme­di­ate fam­ily and clos­est friends ahead of time so they can process and accept the idea. They might still feel sad that they don’t get to wit­ness your wed­ding, but they will under­stand if you deliver the mes­sage in per­son and are able to explain your reasoning.

2. Send Mar­riage Announce­ments Promptly

It’s impor­tant to quickly send mar­riage announce­ments to friends and fam­ily mem­bers who didn’t know about the elope­ment ahead of time. To keep the peace in your fam­ily you don’t want your aunt to hear about your mar­riage through the grapevine or even worse, through social media. Pack a fun “We Eloped!” sign in your suit­case and use it to snap some pho­tos to add to the announce­ment. Some fam­ily or friends may want to send a gift in response to your announce­ment, but accord­ing to eti­quette queen Emily Post, gifts are not required so try not to have that expectation.

3. Plan a Casual Reception

A local recep­tion is the per­fect way to mend any hurt feel­ings your friends and fam­ily may have. Plus, since you’re already mar­ried, you have no oblig­a­tion to stick with any wed­ding cus­toms or tra­di­tions. Make it a casual back­yard BBQ, an inti­mate din­ner party, or a huge, roar­ing party if that’s what you want! Inside Wed­dings has a great sug­ges­tion to make your mar­riage announce­ment the save the date for your recep­tion to give your rel­a­tives some­thing fun to look for­ward to if they’re bummed about the news of your elopement.

4. Don’t Judge Oth­ers For Their Choices

Just because a 300+ per­son wed­ding in a church wasn’t your speed, doesn’t mean it might not be a dream for oth­ers. Try not to say things like “Big wed­dings are a waste of money” to jus­tify your deci­sion to elope because it could hurt the feel­ings of those who have loved their own large wed­dings. You don’t want peo­ple to judge your deci­sion to elope so try to set a good exam­ple by not judg­ing those who have tra­di­tional weddings.

5. Have the Wed­ding of Your Dreams

Just because you’re elop­ing doesn’t mean you have to skimp on details like a dress, hair and makeup, or the loca­tion. Here at The Wed­ding Plan­ner Plus Jamaica we can help you put together an ideal day of pam­per­ing and lux­ury for your wed­ding day. Plus, plan­ning an elope­ment means you can use your wed­ding loan on some­thing you’ll really enjoy, like a truly extrav­a­gant wed­ding meal, instead of a lot of silly favors. This is your chance to be a lit­tle self­ish and plan the dream day that you really want! Know­ing that you still got your dream wed­ding can help your loved ones feel bet­ter about your deci­sion to elope overall.

6. Under­stand That Some Peo­ple Might Be Hurt Anyway

As much as you try to make sure every­one is okay with your deci­sion, some peo­ple will still feel hurt no mat­ter what. Try not to get mad over what they’re feel­ing and instead respect their feel­ings and give them some space to deal with your deci­sion. Esca­lat­ing into argu­ments could cause the sit­u­a­tion to become a larger rift between you and loved ones. If you’re respect­ful and under­stand­ing, yet firm with your choice, there’s a bet­ter chance they will even­tu­ally come around and make peace with your deci­sion to elope. Dis­claimer — The con­tent, opin­ions, and view­points above are only for infor­ma­tion pur­poses. The Wed­ding Plan­ner Plus Jamaica will not assume respon­si­bil­ity for any offers, loans, impli­ca­tions as a result of the infor­ma­tion pro­vided to you.

Dis­claimer — The con­tent, opin­ions, and view­points above are only for infor­ma­tion pur­poses. The Wed­ding Plan­ner Plus Jamaica will not assume respon­si­bil­ity for any offers, loans, impli­ca­tions as a result of the infor­ma­tion pro­vided to you.

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